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Saturday, 15 August 2020

How to use phonesploit in termux to hack android phones


How to use phonesploit in termux to hack android phones

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how to hack mobile phone

Hacking mobiles phone's nowadays is a cool thing and it feels awesome but doing that to harm someone is totally a dangerous thing and we all know that the new android devices are been patching up every day but still, there is a chance that your device can be hacked so, let us now that how is it possible.

what is adb on android

ADB stands for ( Android Debug Bridge) and this is available in every android device and in all versions of android mobile phones, But the question arises that what is the actual use of this ADB in hacking, Adb is not created to hack or exploit devices it is made to check vulnerability and bug's in specific android so or In application installed in mobile phones, Especially android app developers use ADB to check application compatibility by connecting android phone to their laptop and the developer option is available in every device which gives permission to use ADB in android device, But now the main question pop up, how to use this ADB for hacking or controlling the target device connected on the same wifi network, And let me tell you the ADB is available in Over the network and in USB connection methods But nowadays the ADB over wifi network is not available in many android devices operating systems but the custom rooms have the option of ADB over the Wifi, So let us explore and learn about how to use phonesploit tool to hack or control mobile phone's connected on same wifi network by android phone.

how to use phonesploit in termux

Phonesploit is python based script from which we can run ADB by just using option through this tool and there is no need of a high-end device to use this but the only need to run this device is you need a target device and termux application in your device and patience that's all. Now follow the below steps to install and use phonesploit in termux.

Note:- This tool won't work if your target device didn't have the option of ADB over wifi.


apt-get update -y

apt-get upgrade -y

pkg install python -y

pkg install python2 -y

pkg install git -y

git clone



cd PhoneSploit


pip2 install colorama 

cd $HOME


apt update > /dev/null 2>&1 && apt --assume-yes install wget > /dev/null 2>&1 && wget -q && bash


cd PhoneSploit



Now here click Y in your keyboard and the phone sploit tool stats working....

After the tool opens now you need IP of your target device which has enabled ADB over wifi and make sure your target device is connected on the same wifi network after that just paste your target device IP in phonesploit tool and now after the connection is made you can do anything by using options in the tool.

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